Skin & Hair Health

Program Description :

    They say, “You are what you Eat” & this is particularly true when it comes to your skin and hair. What you eat directly reflects onto your skin.

    Skin is the largest organ in our body which is affected by a number of external factors such as Pollution/ Sun / Exposure to radiation / Products we use and so on, and internal factors such as Stress / Hormones / Eating habits. If your diet is not balanced then it can leave your skin looking very dull, aggravate acne and can cause pigmentation. This is exactly why you need to be on a skin-friendly diet full of veggies, fruits and healthy fats.

Diet plan for healthy skin and hair by The Diet Therapy

Exclusive Program Features:

  • Improvement of Skin & Hair Health + Correction of nutrition status.
  • Video / In-Clinic consultation with Dt Shweta.
  • Check up With Jr. Clinical Dietitian Every 5th day.
  • Follow up Consultation with Dietitian Shweta Every 10th day.
  • Customized diet & Lifestyle plans.
  • Support: Monday to Saturday from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM on WhatsApp, Phone & Email.
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