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Dietitian Shweta Shah | The Diet Therapy

Dietitian Shweta Shah

Shweta Shah is a Clinical Dietitian & Nutritionist from Mumbai, India. She holds a master’s degree in Clinical Dietetics & Nutrition from SNDT University, Mumbai and Post- Graduate Diploma in Sports Nutrition from American College of Sports Medicine.

She founded The Diet Therapy Clinic in 2017 with sole purpose of helping people develop healthy eating habits and more importantly a healthy lifestyle.

Our Philosophy

At The Diet Therapy, we are a team of Clinical Dietitian & Nutritionist from Mumbai, India.

We use a very holistic approach to help people lose weight or manage medical conditions like Diabetes, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Hypertension, Cholesterol, high Uric acid, Renal diseases, Gastrointestinal disorders, Inflammation & other issues due to modern lifestyle.

We do not believe in using pills, powders, fat burners to lose weight nor strict diets, starving, depriving yourself of your favorite foods. Rather, we help people focus on a complete lifestyle change to be the fittest version of themselves.

“Making Lives Healthier”