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Zarna Badheka

Thank you, Dt. Shweta, for guiding and comforting me in the right way during my difficult times of health illness. Your plans have really helped me a lot to achieve my health goals. Also, to add on your diet options are super yum and healthy and you connect with your clients very well. You’re doing a fabulous job! Thank you once again!

Shaima Shaikh

Dt. Shweta Shah helped me to get back into normal healthy lifestyle as she gave me amazing diets. I was diagnosed with PCOD but After coming back into normal healthy lifestyle and followed proper diet charts given by Shweta mam My periods got regular. Aisa laga hi nahi ki diet Kia SB khaate pite I lost 10 kgs in 3 months😂😅 because diets hi itne ache the and it was all about Ghar Ka Khana. Thank you once again ma’am ❤️❤️😊This was not only 3 months Ka journey but yes, it is of now lifetime journey to maintain healthy lifestyle. 😇

Devansh Shah

I just wanted to share with you the measurable changes that have occurred in my health since our first meeting about one and a half months ago. My BP is back to normal. My weight has dropped approximately 4kgs so far. I find that I need about one to one and a half hours less sleep per night than I needed before, to have the same energy the next day. Lastly, my digestion improved. There was nothing wrong with it before, but now it is turbocharged! This is all pretty exciting stuff for me, and I attribute it 100% to the diet plan that you laid out for me. I will continue to mention you to people who might benefit from the same thing you did for me.”
Thank you Dt. Shweta😀

Ronak Kothari

I lost almost 16 kg in last 76 days and I have not known any better happiness than this in last few months. I am obliged to you dear dietician for understanding my situation and helping me to find ways to eat healthy. There are many clinics that I have tried and nothing has worked with me but your plan worked wonders with me. I am grateful to you for being so supportive.
Thank u soo muchhh!! ❤️ Will visit soon!! 😘

Ruchi Tongaonkar

I have never liked diets due to the restrictions put on food... But the diet plans here are minimally restrictive and you feel good after having a healthy yet enjoyable meal... I lost 4 kgs in just one month!!

Bhavya Nandu

I was recommended The Diet Therapy by a friend and it was one of the most wonderful service. Loved the results I have observed after a year. I definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great Diet plan, ingredients for which is available in your pantry easily

Bhoomi Bagadia

The diet given by Dt. Shweta is balanced and very effective, I not only lost weight but my hair and skin quality has also improved. We have been doing long distance dietician appointment, and trust me she is very compliant to the client's work/study schedule. She also advices alternative food options which is keeping my interest and dedication. She responds to my uncountable doubts within minutes whether its day or night. It’s only been 14 days now since I have started the diet, but i feel more energetic and detoxed. Highly Recommend, because she is a very patient listener and she made me believe I can lose weight without starving. Thankyou :) @TheDietTherapy

Priyanka T

Shweta is extremely knowledgeable, excellent at communicating, and just plain fun to talk to. I’ve learned so much in just few appointments. I can actually feel the differences in my body after making the changes recommended to me. I’m far more aware of how to read my body’s reactions to certain foods. I have learned how to put together healthy delicious meals that aren’t repetitive. I don’t have to deprive myself of anything nor do I coerce myself into eating things I dislike. I’d rate them 6 stars instead of 5 stars on google reviews as my expectations were far over achieved! Thank you, Shweta!” You rock ��

Shrusti Talati

Diet was never so much fun until I met you. You helped me lose 8 Kgs in just 3 months, and I totally enjoyed my weight loss journey with The Diet Therapy. The best part of your diet plan is you suggest everything that is readily available at home (no artificial foods) in a very organized manner. My body feels very happy and balanced from within and I feel much more confident. All Thanks to you!!

Ashka Ashani

I began my journey around 1 month back, and it’s amazing to be under the guidance of Dt. Shweta. The best part about her is the motivation. She is taking me to this wonderful healthy journey in converting my body. Her tips are really helpful. I don't feel as if I am on a diet.

Vibhuti Shah

I visited Shweta for weight loss. Due to my exams, I had no time for exercise. Hence diet was the only option for me to reduce weight as I was getting married a month after the exam. Without exercise the diet worked very well for me. Had quite noticeable inch loss as well. I am so thankful to her for this! Also, she was very flexible with everything be it my likes / dislikes or my busy schedule.

Shweta Pujari

Dietitian Shweta Shah is a professional expert in Nutrition. She first understands the person's background and the practicalities that they live in. Once that is completed, she helps with a diet that is easy to be followed and sourced; this is a very important point as people generally give up on diets due to extreme set of diet plans and its composition.

Dipti Panchal

One of the finest dietitian Ms. Shweta Shah Her speciality is that we never feel we are on diet Very supportive, caring and encouraging nature She make you realize how to control your body weight and stability at your own I’m glad and very happy that I met her, she gave new beginning to my life.

Shruti Mehta

I started my diet before 2 months, under Shweta Shah’s consultation. The result was Fantastic and amazing. She helped me lose 9 kgs in just 2 months. I had a very nice experience with her. She has very simple and easy ways to help people loose or gain weight. I recommend you all to take her advice to have a healthy and fit lifestyle.