Nourish & Wellness

Program Description :

    This program is for people whose weight is in the desired range but need help for improving their lifestyle and eating habits and setting a routine. It also includes correction of nutritional deficiencies [If you have any].

    Diet plans in this program are customized and tailored to meet requirements of the individual. We work on your creating healthy habits in terms of diet and lifestyle and do not encourage use of any pills or powders. This is a very holistic approach which will require efforts and dedication from your side. There is no shortcut or quick fix to good health.

    Lifestyle changes are about creating healthy eating habits which does not happen over-night and hence do not expect miracles in a week or months’ time. A few lifestyle modifications & a balanced, nutritious diet will empower the body with the nourishment it needs to stay fit & healthy.

Health & Wellness diet by diet therapy

Exclusive Program Features:

  • Focusing on correction of lifestyle & eating habits.
  • Video / In-Clinic consultation with Dt Shweta.
  • Check up With Jr. Clinical Dietitian Every 5th day.
  • Follow up Consultation with Dietitian Shweta Every 10th day.
  • Customized diet & Lifestyle plans.
  • Support: Monday to Saturday from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM on WhatsApp, Phone & Email.
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